Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The New Gun

I got a new gun today! Its a single shot Rossi and comes with three different calibers. The above is a 20 guage shot gun.

This is a 243 rifle. Nice little deer caliber for this fall when I hopefully will draw out for something. It comes ready for the scope but also has the good ol buck horns as well.
Here is a nice little plinker 22. I already had one 22 but its already taken its bag limit of just about everything that moves. With ammo prices constantly going up 22 is about the only caliber that I can afford to shoot anymore.
Here it is all broken down. Its really easy to break down and put back together. It takes me less than a minute to change from one barrel to another. I took it out this afternoon and shot around and so far have no complaints.


Albert said...

That is sweet! I am green with envy -congratulations on the new toy :) I've been interested in those ever since seeing an ad for one last year (I think it was a Thompson Center model?) It's a great idea for a really versatile gun. I'll be interested to know how you like it as you get to use it more.

The Hussey's said...

Oh wow fancy smancy christopher 3 in 1 now thats wicked cool you should make Cami shoot that one as well, its good for her.