Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer of Hiking

The Summer of Hiking

This summer I decided that it was high time that I saw some of the cool natural features surrounding the place I live. So I did a little research and found several dozen hikes to fun, cool, or interesting places and have decided to document my adventures on my blog. Hold on tight because here we go!
Grotto Falls
This hike is pretty short under a mile out and back. It is also a fairly easy and well maintained trail because we had no problem pulling the girlies up in the little red wagon. However, we did get some strange looks from some of the other hikers as we pulled little red by. You have to cross the stream several times via log bridges. The trail finally dead ends at the Grotto which is a large rock alcove with the water fall inside. Its about twenty five feet high and there is a shallow wading pool to play in. I would recommend that you wear flip flops or sandals on this hike so you can play round in the pool by the falls.

The trail is located up Payson Canyon about ten miles. To get to the canyon go to Payson and find 600 East and follow it up toward the mountain. It turns into Payson Canyon Road/Nebo Loop just outside of town. Follow that road for about ten miles until you see the sign for the Grotto. There is a small parking area on both sides of the road. Once finished you can drive the Nebo loop and take in the beautiful scenic loop! Battle Creek Falls
This is another short hike just over a mile out and back. We took the stroller out on this one so as you can guess its also pretty easy. It starts out on an old service road that goes along the south side of the creek bed. Don't get worried that the falls is dried up because there is no water in the creek bed because the water goes into a collector higher in the canyon but the falls is higher up still. When you get to the collector there is a large deep pool that you can swim in if you want to. Keep going up the trail and cross the bridge. The falls are about two hundred yards up from the bridge. These are impressive falls because of the volume of water coming off the seventy foot + cliff. It is very cool next to the fall because of the spray coming off the rocks at the bottom. Myla was terrified the whole time we next to the falls but Ava kept trying to jump in.
Battle Creek Falls is easy to find. If you are on I-15 get off on the Pleasant Grove exit just after 1600 N. in Orem and just before 5th east in American Fork. Go east toward the mountain and find 200 S. and follow that all the way up to where it dead ends at Battle Creek Park. Park in the parking lot and follow the trail on the south side of the park up into the canyon.


Chris and Cami Taylor said...

Yeah you blogged :) I love watching you heft the children up the mountain Kronk style! Love ya, can't wait for the next hike:)

Sarah Bogh said...

hey, looks like a lot of fun! i just looked at your wife's blog, thats cool you guys were in mayfield! we were going to go up there for the 24th too but plans changed last minute. that is where my husband is from. who are your wife's grandparents? glad you are having fun and doing well! tell your wife i love the pics of patrick and his fiance! she did way good!